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To me personally, education has played a huge part in my life; not only for the value of learning but also for the friends made, experiences had and the personal development it has encouraged within. It is this affinity for education that inspired me to tackle a global issue through design and innovation. My Cloud Coach CIC is committed to increasing the quality and availability of free digital educational resources in poor and marginalised parts of the world.

Chris Nutman

Founder & CEO


Smarter world. Brighter future.

My Cloud Coach CIC is a Community Interest Company (Social Enterprise) who are committed to alleviating the impact of a major educational barrier, in underdeveloped nations, lack of educational resources.

We have identified a global problem, that we believe can be solved through design and innovation. After extensive research into education in the developing world, we found that, according to the United Nations, 15% of the world’s adult population are illiterate. This shocking statistic forced us to ask, why?

When we asked experts in this field of education, 67% said that ‘lack of educational resources’ is the biggest barrier preventing individuals from receiving a quality education, for example, in Cameroon, one textbook is shared between twelve children. We also noticed, in 2018 online giving grew 10.8% alongside the growth of distance learning and various other internet based methods of teaching.

We make it possible for educators and content creators to expand their reach and donate their educational material to our digital platform. This material is then filed, organised and made accessible to schools in poor and marginalised communities around the world.


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the quality and availability of free digital educational resources in poor and marginalised communities in the hope of creating a smarter world and a brighter future.  

Our Vision

We envisage the creation of a positive culture surrounding the #donateadoc movement, whereby the incredible amount of valuable, digital educational content can be shared with those who simply don’t have access to such vital learning material.

Our Values

We believe in education, equality, sustainability, innovation and collaboration. 
All individuals, globally, should have an equal chance to learn, create and grow as human beings. Therefore, providing a fair opportunity to improve their standard of living, break from the poverty cycle and empower themselves from a social, political and economic standpoint.



Chris Nutman

Chris recently graduated in 2017, having gained a first-class degree in Design Engineering. It was here where he solidified his dream in becoming a social entrepreneur, designing solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.


Janis Green

With over 35 years of experience in the Education sector, Janis was a teacher in the UK, Africa, Canada and the Middle East. She then became project leader for the introduction of LMS to Senior Management Teams in schools. Janis blended her knowledge of Education, Finance and IT to form Pebble in 1992.

Project Engineer

Phil McGuire

Phil is an Engineer with a practical history of working with a diverse range of technology. Whilst being a strong research professional, with a BEng from Northumbria University, Phil focuses on product development; specifically Solar technology and solar charging applications.

eLearning Developer

Jonathon Galvez

Jonny is a graduate Computer Scientist, having achieved a first-class honours degree. He has spent his entire career as an eLearning Developer and is keen to manage bespoke solutions to improve the provision of quality education around the world.