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The aim of this blog is to highlight the journey of a Social Entrepreneur, keep you up to date with our latest activity and most importantly highlight the social issues that are important to us at mycloudcoach.

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Where did the idea come from? What’s the back story? Why do you do what you do? Who is going to benefit? What is the problem? It’s all in here! Check out where it all started, as a university student studying Design Engineering.

2. Interview with Mr Accent Mahonko: Headteacher of Chisyabulungu Primary School.

With a special thanks to John Reynolds who made this interview possible, we got to ask Mr Mahonko a series of important questions about his experience as the head of a school in Zambia.

So why did we design a projector? Why not use a tablets? Or a computer? Read this blog to find out why POD the solar powered projector was born.

After pitching at a Rise and Design: Designing for the consumer event hosted by Design Network North at PROTO in Gateshead, we were approached by the amazing team at Evolto, who offered their support!

5. Educational Resources:
Physical vs Digital

Why is our method so evolutionary? Find out with this close up description that will show you how we can advance humanity forward. 

6. What Technology is Available to Developing Countries

A small look into the current technology available to schools within developing countries across the globe.

7. Interview with Oswin Mahundi:
Manager of Schools in Tanzania

With a special thanks to COCO who made this interview possible, we got to personally ask Oswin about the current situation in East-Africa and more about his life and career managing schools in Tanzania.