Identify Need

We work with teachers, schools and NGOs to identify the specific resource shortage, and therefore the need, to better identify what particular content is required by which teacher, in each school, in each location.


Broadcast Need

Once the need has been identified we communicate and display it through our digital platform to potential document donators. This ensures that the donations abide by specific requests to keep the content focused.


Organise & Verify

Next, the donated documents are filed, organised and then verified in order to be made publicly available for those who struggle to gain access to quality educational content.


Offline & Off-grid

It is quite common in the rural setting in the developing world for educational institutes to have no electricity or internet connection. To alleviate this issue POD allows documents to be preloaded via USB and has numerous renewable power sources.


Project & Learn

Often oversized classes require a collaborative method of learning and more importantly the hardware to enable this. POD displays the donated resources to a classroom in need, promoting collaborative learning and group reading.


Monitor & Measure

Once our digital platform and POD have been implemented, we will monitor the progress of this school and measure the educational and consequential social impact that our solution is having, in order to produce reports and refine the concept.

Digital Platform

Intuitive Navigation

Pin Board Design

Clean Interface

Filtered Search

Meet POD


To withstand the outward bound elements in rural settings POD has been designed with a durable plastic case, considering IP rating, wall thickness, ventilation and material choice so that reliability is innate.

solar powered

When mains power isn't available POD can utilise solar energy to charge the on board battery, ensuring use off-grid.

offline learning

We also understand that WiFi or 3G data connectivity isn't always available. It is for this reason that we have enabled POD to allow for the preloading of downloaded documents via USB to create a learning environment offline.

ease of maintenance

POD has been designed in a way to make maintenance simple. The components are easily removable and therefore interchangeable. This allows for bulb, battery and lens replacement without unnecessary complications.

Compatibility is Key.

To ensure POD is compatible with a range of devices we prioritised the level of accessibility to the rear of the projector allowing for multiple ports that all serve a useful purpose when needed.